Friday, April 6, 2007

Tutorial #1 - 3D Game Developement Basics

When we talk about 3D world in DarkBASIC, three things come into mind.
  1. A Matrix - It is the ground on which everything will be placed. It can be anything. Mountains, lakes or simple ground. They can be created using DarkBASIC itself (which will be very complicated) or by using a simple tool MatrixEditor (Made in DarkBASIC) which comes with the package on the Download page.
  2. Objects - All other things are objects. Enemies, Allies, Buildings, Trees, Vehicles, Guns, Bullets etc. Objects .X (Direct-X) files. You just have to load them and place them at appropriate place on your Matrix. Simple Objects can be made using DarkBASIC, but it's not worth for 3D Gaming. You better use either 3DS MAX (Which is costly and a big software) or GMax (Very Efficient, Same as 3Ds Max but especially made for Game Development. Definitely Recommended). Or you can download free 3ds/X objects from net by googling and directly load them in your game. (Be sure to give credits! Those guys deserve that!)
  3. Camera - The angle from which you see your 3D world. DarkBASIC has Built-In Camera. So no need to worry!

So now that you have made a Matrix(Ground), on which you have placed several objects (including your player if it is a Third Person Game). And you have Camera you view all that from any angle you like! So now what?


The heart of programming is logic. Although it can be so simple with DarkBASIC taking care of most things, you still have to develop logic to make the game.
  • What to do when user presses certain keys?
  • What to do if an enemy is in your range?
  • How to find whether there's an enemy in the range?
  • Winning conditions
  • Losing conditions

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