Wednesday, April 18, 2007

gameSpaceLight - Excellent Game Modeling Tool

gameSpaceLight is a Light version of gameSpace which is made public for FREE!

What's so special about gSL?

1. Its FREE
2. Native Support for importing and exporting many types of files. (Including Direct X .x format)
3. All objects can be exported WITH textures. So you just have to load them in DarkBASIC. That's It.
4. Major point is its Interface! So goddamned easy to use! A dumb like me in the area of drawing can also make complete models within just half an hour!

I tried Gmax first, but got frustrated because of Interface. I mean I knew what I wanted to do but couldn't do just because of silly interface!
Then I tried gSL and I found exactly what I needed!

The only limitation in the light version is PolyCount Limit to 5000 for Scene & 650 for Single Model, which is actually very good!
In 3D Modeling, High PolyCounts are used for animated movies only. For games, LowPolyCount is used. And its compatible with DarkBASIC. If you try to load models with high polycount, you will actually hang your PC within a minute! Even in a simple game you have to load hundreds of characters (enemies etc.) & entities (boxes, household items, buildings etc.). 100 objects with its full potential will be total 65000 poly! With a scene of 5000 polycount, means 70000 total. Not to mention Matrix!
So this limitation actually prepares a budget for our game. If we are get too carried away while creating a model, it will stop us automatically ;-)
(Even professional software like Maya or Max offers a similar option called budget for game modeling, in which you have to specify poly limit for each object which is essentially about 1000 at max for general 3d games)

How much is this 650 actually for a single model? Can I make a working animated 3D player?
You can actually make a working sexy model of Lara Croft using it ;-)

What about scene limit?
Well, if you make a Map or terrain using Matrix Editor (no matter how complicated you make) using the default settings, the polycount of your matrix will be 625.
(Note that size is not factor here. You can make 10 miles long tile with a single Polycount only.)
So you can make a scene with complexity almost 8 times more than that of a MatEdit Matrix.


No? Then read this. You can load 60000 scenes at a time in darkbasic and position them continually or wherever you want. You can load 60000 characters, entities and enemies. Your program will still compile without an error, But of course, you will need a super computer to actually execute them without hanging. So stop making a fuss ;-)

Download gSL

You will be redirected to its website where first you have to fill a small form. You will get your own personal Serial/Key for FREE! mailed to the email you provided in that form!
Download it before company thinks of abandoning this project ;-)

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